Cul De Sac

Strange Attractors continues their Resurrections series with a long out of print reissue of ECIM from Boston's Cul De Sac. At a time when most bands were steering the underground explosion that would become grunge and alternative rock, Cul De Sac created a different kind of record that was influenced by 60's experimentalism, eastern influences and the propulsion of Krautrock. They melded these influences into a monster of a debut that not only stands up to time but proves that they were way ahead of the majority of their contemporaries. The record sadly went out of print for nearly 15 years and has only now been saved from obscurity. Songs vary from heavy, propulsive drumming laden instrumentals to a slightly askew interpretation of classic Fahey to a strangely intimate cover of Tim Buckley. Dark and sinister one minute and light ashen grey the next; it's easy to see why demand would have rendered this gem reissued.

[MP3] Cul De Sac -Electar
[MP3] Cul De Sac -Song To The Siren
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