I kind of glossed over Clinic's last album. Though I was thouroughly interested in Walking with Thee and it's predecessor, it just seemed like Clinic's time was past. Rather presumptuous of me I guess as their new album Visitations peaked my interest right away. Clinic continue their pursuit of gritty, propulsive psychedelia; swirling with cinder and smoke one minute and writhing with an uncomfortable itch that seems discontent to let you stay still the next. Their new album catches you off guard on more than one occasion. They snatch bits of the past and filter them through windows tarnished with soot and shattered by rocks; retaining their influence but obscuring it all the same. Still able to find that magical place where krautrock hippies can mingle with aggression fueled punks; this new album is caked in sweat and beat dry by the sun. Definitely one that can't be fully realized in one listen.

[MP3] Clinic -Animal/Human
[MP3] Clinic -Children of Kellogg
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