The Boredoms - Super Roots Re-issues

The Boredoms have long pushed the constraints of sanity to the edge and challenged the notions of what remains feasible within the musical form. Their experimentations with rhythm and noise produce collages of sound, color and chaos. They translate the most base human emotions into comprehensible noise; sometimes in a barrage of screams and drums and sometimes in slow languid mantras that evoke the quieter moments of life. Following their issue of The Boredoms last album Seadrum/ House of Sun Vice have extended their relationship with the band and issued six eps that until now have mostly been Japanese only releases. The Super Roots series varies from long winding instrumental pieces to short ADD bursts of noise and froth to the interpretation of a Japanese television theme. Not all of the EPs may fall into the necessity category but they paint a nice picture of The Boredoms style on the whole.

From Super Roots
[MP3] The Boredoms -96 Teenage Bondage

From Super Roots 6
[MP3] The Boredoms -2

From Super Roots 7
[MP3] The Boredoms -7(EW remix)

From Super Roots 8
[MP3] The Boredoms -Jungle Taitei (DJ Let's TRY & D.I.Y.-Drum Machine Mix) Remixed By EYE
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