As the psychedelic movement wore on more and more bands opened themselves up to a breach of traditional song structure, with the length of tracks leaking well past the standard 2-3 minute barricade of the pop single. Some bands were able to do this with palatable results and others became largely self-indulgent. However when the results were on, they challenged the conventions of what was considered acceptable and broadened the scope of peoples' taste.

Mad River - Mad River
San Francisco's Mad River delved into the deeper side of psych, creating sprawling, swirling minor chord epics that echoed Country Joe and the Fish's bleakest moments. The fleshed out space jams certainly draw the most focus here but equally
interesting are the few gems that reach frantic paces such as "Amphetamine Gazelle." The two styles serving as manic depressive counterpoints to each other. The band fell off the darkly psychedelic style in favor of a more country flavored rock on their second album, but this was far less captivating and pales in comparison to the debut.

[MP3] Mad River- Amphetamine Gazelle
[MP3] Mad River - Wind Chimes

The Chocolate Watchband - The Inner Mystique
Despite some interesting songs with creative productions and arrangements, this album is often scoffed by collectors due to a lack of involvement by the band on the more psychedelic numbers. The A side is
three lush, eastern inflected tracks that were mostly the work of engineer Richie Podolor and an assembled crew of studio musicians. However, these tracks are certainly not without merit, and though the sitar sounds a little dated they are still enjoyable. The second side is littered with more standard Watchband punk/garage fare that contains a few very solid covers. Maybe not an essential classic of the time but one that proves interesting nonetheless.

[MP3] The Chocolate Watchband - In The Past
[MP3] The Chocolate Watchband - I'm Not Like Everybody Else

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