Nurse and Soldier

Comprised of Oneida's Bobby Matador and his wife Erica Fletcher, Nurse and Soldier create a serene mix of murky psych-pop with overtones of crunchy synthesizers and clean languid guitar. Vocals are split between the couple with Bobby's voice washing into a haze of phlange and Erica's providing a counterbalance of dry melancholy. The two play off of each other easily, creating a record that gently aches with a bittersweet sense of exhaustion. It walks into the psych teritory softly, never hitting you over the head with effects. Instead the strength of their songwriting shines through; at times sunny and at times clouded with lingering memories. The record will be released on Jagjaguawar subsidiary and Oneida run Brah Records in January.

[MP3] Nurse and Soldier -In The Dark
[MP3] Nurse and Soldier -Lies and Alterations
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