Langhorne Slim

Langhorne is an honest troubadour, or maybe that's not the word. He's not polished enough to be a troubadour. He's a roadside minstrel, with tales of love and sorrow and a smile to brighten your day. His songs are exuberant but with just the right amount of plaintive emotion that betrays their tone to display their message. To really enjoy Slim's music though is to see him in a live setting. He's definitely one of those artists who can't translate his affable character to tape. The Engine EP, released in expectation of a full album to be released early next year comes close to capturing the live feeling more than he has been able to in the past. Four great songs from a great artist who for his age has already built himself an incredible reputation to stand on.

[MP3] Langhorne Slim -Sweet Olive Tree
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Blogger stevedomino said...

excellent stuff - i saw him in the UK last year supporting the Trachtenburg's - a fantastic surprise and a great performance from a natural charmer - can't wait for the new album - thanks for posting this!

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