Woven Hand

David Eugene Edwards sings like a man possessed. His songs as Woven Hand are a blend of dark spiritual Americana and intense driven percussion. David has a penchant for echoing the man in black interwoven with instrumentation from ancient cultures and driven through a modern industrial filter. His imagery is dark, bordering on apocalyptic. If David found himself singing from a mountaintop come judgement I don't think it would feel all that out of place. Although the vein of fall and redemption is thick, there are some oddly sweet respites from his intensity. On "Bible and Bird" he lightens to a sweet acoustic guitar track that parts the clouds before he takes another pass at fury on the second half of the album. Mosiac is the sound of a man exorcizing his personal demons and letting you come along for the ride, with little regard for whether or not you may find the results overwhelming. An unfettered look into the soul of one man caught on tape.

[MP3] Woven Hand -Dirty Blue
[MP3] Woven Hand -Swedish Purse
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