A Surreal Morning With...

El Goodo can't help wearing their influences like a big eared smile. They take huge cues from 60's beatlesesque pop bands and their latter day Elephant 6 led resurgencies. As I have no objections to mining the 60's for influence I see this as a rather huge feather in their collective caps but to make things even more convincing the band was first exposed to the world via fellow countrymen Super Furry Animals. The SFA even signed them and released their first record on their own Placid Casual. Fuzzed up, jangled out and shot through the speakers in glorious three part harmonies that would make Robert Schneider jump up and dance in his living room. El Goodo are now being catapulted onto and unsuspecting American audience via Empyrean Records. Another record that is coming regretfully too late in the year as I could easily find myself blasting this one in the hot July sun. The upbeat jumpers are big and bouncy and the downbeat counter fair is lush and dreamy. The whole affair is undercoated with a thick veneer of british punk swagger. Whats not to love?

[MP3] El Goodo -Surreal Morning
[MP3] El Goodo -Chalking The Lines
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