Shuta Hasunuma

Taking inspiration from his work in environmental science, Hasunuma creates a dense electronic landscape that totters between the lush expanses of wilderness and the encroaching limits of the city. His melodies are simple but with reason, the simplicity accurately captures this wonderment of where the streets stop and the grass starts to grow longer. Utilizing field recordings and blending them with a myriad of electronic and acoustic instruments, Hasunuma weaves musical tapestries in the same vein as Fennesz or Mountains. Like those artists he too creates something wholly organic from seemingly contradictory origins. The start-stop tinkle of piano finds beauty in the way the rain drops in puddles. The slices of guitar find comfort in walking on hot afternoons. Lying with your face to the sky, the same clouds that pass over the asphalt find their way to the mountains with complete indifference to whom they shade.

[MP3] Shuta Hasunuma -Eurikago Afternoon
[MP3] Shuta Hasunuma -Prelude
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Anonymous mapsadaisical said...

Nice review, really made me want to listen. When I listened to those two tracks, it really made me want to buy it. That is a public service you have performed, right there.

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