Mono + World's End Girlfriend

Throughout their tenure, MONO have always balanced their songs with hints of beautiful orchestration and the giant dynamic changes that are often associated with post-rock. Personally I've always had a preference for the moments when they leave the speaker crushing behind and focus on their neo-classical influences. This makes their latest collaboration with Tokyo electronic composer World's End Girlfriend all the better. On Palmless Prayer/ Mass Murder Refrain the two groups delve into the depths of boundless sorrow. Most of the songs hover around the twelve minute range, each song being a different piece of a five part composition; a pilgrimage to the edges of darkness and back to a restrained sense of redemption. There are still a few moments when the orchestra is leveled by a wall of guitar but here MONO uses it more as a precise technique rather than an expected constant. MONO has always been a little more delicate than most standard post-rock fare and here they finally let that be the focus. The record is out now on Temporary Residence Ltd. and the LP is pressed in beautiful two color vinyl.

[MP3] Mono and World's End Girlfriend -Part Four
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