Hisato Higuchi

Hisato Higuchi plays with the delicate touch and patience of a man creating an artform. His fingers pass as though ghosts ran though him and plucked the notes from the air to express their muted anguish. Vocally he moans in the same manner as he plays; spectral, without ever grasping onto anything long enough to take a definite shape. Much like Lorren Connors, Higuchi plays with a form that borders on blues, borders on jazz and is probably too fragile for either label in reality. Higuchi's patience may lie in his former life; he was a puppeteer, giving life to inanimate objects and expressing emotions through the delicacy of movement. Thinking about it, this is not so far off from what he's doing now. Still pulling strings to effect an idea. Still using the inanimate to tell a story. His new album Discussions Dialogue is out October 10th on Family Vineyard.

[MP3] Hisato Higuchi -Watashi Wa Asa O Matteita
[MP3] Hisato Higuchi -Manazashi No Saki E
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The album is actually called Dialogue.

1:43 PM  
Blogger dissensous said...

Oops. You are absolutely correct. It is called dialogue.

3:57 PM  

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