So I can't help but love most forms of Japanese indie music. Call it culture shock or just something lost in translation but it seems like whatever current runs through the Japanese underground is definitely unique to Japan, and can't be replicated in music outside of the country. J-punk screams but with an exuberance that any American noise act would translate into aggression. Japanese psych is able to tap the spiritual core of their indigenous musical forms without feeling like they're dabbling in mysticism from an outside perspective. OOIOO, the brainchild of Boredoms drummer Yoshimi P-we, captures the clamor of J-punk and mixes it with elements of eastern psych and intense tribal drumming to create incredible albums of sound and fury. A great step forward in the face of any misogynists who think that women can't hack it in the forum of noise. The femininity is precisely the quality that tones down the overbearing aggression that noise so often becomes mired in. The group's new album Taiga will be out September 12th, reportedly in a holographic digipak, my copy only has a boring sleeve, ouch take that promo skimmers. Looks like I'll have to invest in September.

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Just want to point out that OOIOO’s “UMA” is actually an uncredited cover(*) of Roberto De Simone’s “Secondo Coro Delle Lavandaie”. Check out this link for more info:



(*)some would instead use the term “theft”

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