Oh J

Ok so a friend of mine used to wait tables at a diner in Amherst; and one of the notable tales of his job involved the habitual frequenting of the diner by one J. Mascis, hunkered and awkward and for unknown reasons clad in brightly colored matching warm up suits. I can't help but have this image in my mind as I listen to the new Mascis project J. Mascis and Friends Sing and Chant For AMMA. Don't get me wrong we here at RSTB have been really digging the Witch record and I've been known to bring my Dinosaur Jr. records out on occasion and blast You're Living All Over Me at top volume when I need to but this album just hit me in such an odd way. Its happy, I mean not just happy that’s not the right word. This record is freaking jubilant, not a touch of angst in site. The record is a tribute to the living Indian Saint, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi or AMMA as he is known. The songs are sunny and a bit repetitive at times but they're just celebratory. I guess I just don't know what to expect from Mascis sometimes. He's still full of surprises even if he is a bit quirky, like that uncle that makes unsettling comments you're not sure that he's kidding about. The full on Punjab language tracks can get a bit tiring after a while but the rest is really quite good and hey all the proceeds for the album go to tsunami relief so you can feel good about your purchase, right? Oh J. you crazy little imp, what will you think of next?

[MP3] J. Mascis & Friends -Please Rememeber That I'm Here
[MP3] J. Mascis & Friends -Take Me Home

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