The North Sea & Ramses III

RSTB favorites Type Records reissue this out of print CD-r collaboration between ambient psych trio Ramses III and Digitalis label head Brad Rose aka The North Sea. The project, entitled Night Of The Ankou is comprised of two long ethereal drone based compositions reworked and traded back and forth over the Atlantic. Many coments on the album have described it as having a very otherworldly or spiritual quality to it. To me the two compositions feel as a great exercise in the process of loss and grief. The first track "Death of the Ankou" is somber and pensive, a gray cloud of emotion with a downward slope into darkness. This track, like it's title suggest captures the moments in and around the news of the death of someone particlarly close. It feels as if the abyss knows no bounds. The second track lightens the tone without shattering the mood. "Night Blossoms Written In Sanskrit" feels like the moment you let go. When you realize that despair is futile and that moments of brightness are still happening all around you. The drone here is intercut with delicate acoustic guitar. The weight is lifted and the clouds part for the first time in days. Beautifully packaged in digipak format the reissue also includes a remix of "Death of the Ankou" by Type label head Xela. As both tracks are extremely lengthy and the whole of the album is the two tracks plus the bonus the downloads below are only excerpts. Each original track spans over 17 minutes.
[MP3] The North Sea & Ramses III -Death Of The Ankou
[MP3] The North Sea & Ramses III -Night Blossoms Written In Sanskrit

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