Lucky Dragons

When you are a child it seems that there are so many sounds that you haven't heard that each new one is fresh and exciting. The world lies brimming with wonder that can't be contained. Most people lose this sense as they grow older. Sounds become the undercurrent of your life but no longer captivate you. Luke Fischbeck is not such a person. He has done everything possible to be constantly amazed at this world of sound and to capture the world as a five year old senses it. His newest album entitled Widows has just been released in tandem on Marriage Records and State's Rights Records. The album is the aural equivalent of spinning around in a circle until you get dizzy and fall down. Like having every good memory suddenly attack you too fast to interpret. It truly does capture the childlike sensibilities of wonder and innocence and lives up to Fischbeck's notion of not letting your music become jaded. This is trance music as filtered through the San Francisco folk community. Electronic surely, as the sounds couldn't possibly exist in nature but so organic that you'll wonder why it is that they don't. Marriage is releasing the LP version along with a remix CD entitled Mini Dream Island. Also I highly recommend you check out this interview with Luke on his influences and his music and what generally makes him happy.

[MP3] Lucky Dragons -New Alium
[MP3] Lucky Dragons -Dissolve Yourself

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