This edition of RRITW comes to you straight from the garage. I know, I know nuggets and quite a few others have covered this ground quite thoroughly and I don't claim to be able to trump them in any way but I do feel that the exclusion of garage from this feature would be an injustice. Garage is a touchstone for many important movements in music and above all else the youthful energy it embodies is just plain fun.

Count Five - Psychotic Reaction
The Count Five have to be one of my favorite 60's garage bands. Sure they aped The Who quite a bit, but Psychotic Reaction is a quintessential song that will always cement them in music history. They are rife with fuzzed up albeit a bit jangly mod-
punk anthems and this album contains some pretty decent Who interpretations (but three may be a bit too many). The album is damned fun despite its shortcomings and from the first few bars of Psychotic Reaction, just try not feel the urge to move about.
[MP3] Count Five -Psychotic Reaction
[MP3] Count Five -Can't Get Your Lovin'
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The Stillroven - Cast Thy Burden Upon...
The Stillroven were the biggest thing to come out of Minneapolis until Prince stole their crown. Stillroven do justice to a fair number of standards including tracks from the Animals, Small Faces and their blistering cover
of Hey Joe. You can practically hear the roots of punk taking shape on their scant 2:37 version of this tune. This retrospective takes a look at the several incarnations of the group, traversing from loose young punks to a more polished group, influenced by the Faces and the Beatles. Little Picture Playhouse is a great example of their later influences adding a clean piano hook to their fuzztone sound.
[MP3] The Stillroven -Hey Joe
[MP3] The Stillroven -Little Picture Playhouse
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