Matt Bauer

I've seen a couple of posts bandied about the blogs regarding Matt's work (Songs:Illinois, MOKB) and it prompted me to check him out. Bauer has a plaintive almost somber style to many of his songs. They capture the spirit of a time forgotten, reflective but not mired in the past, not unlike collaborater and kindred spirit Jolie Holland. Bits of bluegrass mingle with whisky soaked ballads that
leave the taste of sour mash and smoke on your tongue. Bauer's original compositions mesh well with his traditional selections creating a new era of oral tradition. Hopefully years from now his songs will be played in country fields, the notes worn from memory but the story just the same.

[MP3] Matt Bauer -Heap of Little Horses
[MP3] Matt Bauer -Jordan In A Plastic Bag

Matt Bauer's new EP Wasps and White Roses can be purchased here along with his previous album.
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