A large portion of lost classics are from the folk genre. This can be a pretty dicey area to wade through especially considering the sheer numbers of folk artists that sprung up during the 60's and 70's; many of whom can get too encumbered by the hippy spirit of the day. Hippy ideals notwithstanding, there were some great folk records made during this time period that had little or no support at the time. These are two great and varied examples.

Fresh Maggots - Fresh Maggots
Both members of this UK folk duo, Mick Burgoyne and Leigh Dolphin were only 19 when this album was recorded. It virtually lays down the template for acid folk; balancing light acoustic strums and lyrical flute with ascerbic fuzz guitar bursts that
set the tone for many artists to come. The lyrical content leans a bit political but with a few exceptions it skirts most of the trite analogies of it's day by interjecting a certain amount of darkness into its content. Leaving it idealistic but rooted in reality. An LP reissue is available but is a bit more expensive than its CD counterpart just released on Sunbeam records. The CD is also embelished with a few bonus tracks.
[MP3] Fresh Maggots -Dole Song
[MP3] Fresh Maggots -Frustration
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Ton Vlasman - White Rooms With Disintegrating Walls
Reissue of a late 60's Dutch psych-folk gem. Ton is either blessed or cursed with a voice that sounds just like Bob Dylan. His language barrier keeps him from coming close to anything as profound as Dylan wrote
but it offers an interesting twist on this album. His cover of the Velvet Underground's Pale Blue Eyes is the closest you'll probably ever get to hearing Dylan cover them. The album is split distinclty into the vocal tracks and two long raga blues instrumentals that have a bit of Floydian overtones to their production. Both the vocal and instrumental tracks stand well on their own but compliment each other when placed into context. Overall an album worthy of reissue and wider acclaim.
[MP3] Ton Vlasman -Pale Blue Eyes
[MP3] Ton Vlasman - Mithrandir The White Horse Rider
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