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This is an introduction to a new weekly feature here at Raven. Though I love exciting new music I admittedly have a penchant for second tier bands from the 60's and 70's. Classic rock radio constanly shovels in hits from this generation but just as with our own, the hits are not always the most interesting music of a decade. How many times can you hear 20th Century Fox in one day before you give up on these influential generations altogether. Hopefully you haven't and RSTB is here to help. Every Tuesday I'll dig a few nuggets out of my collection and post them along with a short description of the band. If you like them go search them out. Originals are sometimes hard to find but their are many fine reissue companies out there now such as Akarma and Radioactive. The first two bands both come from Motown's rock imprint Rare Earth.

Power of Zeus - The Gospel According to Zeus
Power of Zeus hail from the Motor City. An unfortunately shortlived group, they left behind only this album. After signing to Rare Earth they were put into the studio with Motown producers used to cranking out soul hits, not
rock records. This caused the band's recordings to acquire an interestingly crisp sound that at the time the band was unhappy with. This, however, is one of the most captivating aspects of the record. Tight rhythms shot through with hard edged guitar, "The Gospel According to Zeus" is truly a lost gem of the era.
It Couldn't Be Me.mp3
The Sorcerer of Isis.mp3

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The Crystal Mansion The Crystal Mansion
Crystal Mansion were signed to Rare Earth in 1972 to compliment their already growing stable of Soul inflected rock outfits. The band adds a touch of funk to their sound that is heard in few of their lable mates.
Ultimately the band only produced one subsequent album. A reissue is available on Collectables Records.
Somebody Oughta' Turn Your Head Around.mp3
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