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Some bands project feelings through their music that you can sense without ever seeing them live. The members of San Francisco's White White Quilt radiate a sense of ease and something that would almost be aloof but stops just short and comes off as intelligence with out pretense. They are like the older friends you felt privilaged to hang around in high school. The ones who never made you feel like there was an age difference. At the same time they also conjur a sense of rural living. These are campfire drinking songs, Sunday evening back porch cool down songs, songs for late August. Though their output is sill limited, these three tracks exeplify their unmistakeable style. The vocals warble just below that range that Devendra seems burrow into but its much more restrained and for lack of a better word, calm here. No album yet but keep an eye out for one because if you miss it I have a feeling you're going to regret it.

Easy Pain
Evenin' Low
Light Up The Night

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uggghhhh i want white white quilt

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