Oh, Canada

I'm a sucker for bands that have a great time on stage. If you really look like you're enjoying what you're doing I just can't help but get into the songs, especially if the music matches the spirit of the performance. I had a chance to check out Page France last weekend and one of the nice surprises was opener Canada. Canada is a seven-piece collective from the Ann Arbor area (I'm telling you Michigan is on fire). Their lineup includes two cellists and ample use of melodica which really help them achieve a full and interesting sound. Their songs are joyus and heartbreaking at the same time and truly a spectacle performed live. I highly recommend checking them out if they roll through your town. You can check the band out at myspace or pre-order their upcoming full length from Quite Scientific.

Download these tracks from their EP "How Dare You"
As Dry As A Bone

While I'm on the subject of great live performances, the second great surprise of the night was Page France's live set which was equally stunnning and full of great communal spirit, instrument swapping and excesive auxillary percussion. Page France's last album "Hello, Dear Wind" is being rereleased on Suicide Squeeze soon and if you haven't heard it you should definitely make an effort to check it out. You can view news and tour dates along with information on purchasing their releases at the bands site.

Download this track from "Hello, Dear Wind."

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