Lost in the Woods

There is finally enough information available for me to post on this band. I first heard an MP3 of their song Holes about a month ago an I've been eager to share it ever since. Woods are the duo of Jeremy Earl and Christian DeRoeck of New York band Meneguar. Woods, though, is a far departure from the 90's rock clatter of their alter ego. Jeremy and Christian bang, strum and croon outsider folk with giant nods to an underlying pop sensibility. Their album "How To Survive In/ In the Woods" was originally released as a cassette only run on the small label Fuck-It Tapes but has thankfully been reissued in a nicely packaged CD version by Release the Bats. The tape is long out of print but the CD can be found at RTB store woefully only available as an import but should be worth the extra shipping.

Download the tracks below to see for yourself.
Bonus Track from 'Ram' 7"
Do They Smoke Cigarettes In Heaven
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