Warm Soda

Already racking up a third release under the banner of Warm Soda, Matthew Melton's post Bare Wires outfit continues to master the art of the soft punch. Taking power pop's more velvet touches and running them through some checks and balances from the school of The Quick and Milk n' Cookies, Melton goes plays up the dreamy, pastel capped daydream rather than the jagged edges of the genre. Taking most songs from the vantage point of the lonesome Romeo, Symbolic Dream plays out high school pining with a fast heartbeat a beat up denim jacket and plenty of time spent scrawling lyrics under the bleachers. Fed on junk food, glam radio tracks and stolen beer, there's more of the original thrust in power pop's birth here than just pastiche. As with the past two records, Melton is a scholar of the form and he's seemingly keeping the dial lodged between '79 and '81 until he gets it just right. Always great to hear him pay homage.


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