The Three O'Clock - Sixteen Tambourines
The Three O'Clock started at The Salvation Army, until a dispute with the charity organization gave them reason for a change. The new name sprang from their regular rehearsal time and with it came a few new
players including Danny Bonair (Weirdos, The Quick) on drums and Mike Mariano (The Falcons) on keys. On this, their second full release as The Three O'Clock after the well received Baroque Hoedown EP, they stray well into power pop territory but they'd go on to define The Paisley Underground of melding those bright 60's pop with a latter day interest in psych touches. Those touches don't really raise their head here though. Instead Sixteen Tambourines stands as a prime piece of power pop that's sunny with a side of melancholy. The band then took the label track from Frantic to I.R.S. to Warner Bros., ending their trail there with the ill-received (but Prince contributed to) Vermillion. All was not lost as they have since been revived and are playing again. Still, for me, Sixteen Tambourines, though one of their earliest, still holds its charm and effervescence after all these years.


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