The Stones - Three Blind Mice
The Stones name their band in homage to The Rolling Stones, sought to build a band that sounded like The Clean and ended up emulating neither. Instead the Dunedin trio took another strange bite out of the Flying Nun/New Zealand fringe. Not as jangled and wry as
The Clean, the band had a rough grit approach to the South Hemi DIY that hinges on brittle, chewed tin guitars and Wayne Elsey's nasal lamentations. The band had very little recorded output but track from both the Dunedin Double compilation and Another Disc, Another Dollar EP are remastered and repackaged here alongside some live tracks that haven't seen the light of day. The Stones have often been overlooked in the Flying Nun scene, having been the only participants in the Dunedin Double that didn't go on to much acclaim but this revitalized collection sheds some light on the potential that was captured in those brief moments they found time to lay down. For fans of the period and place, this one's essential.


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