Day Ravies

I've never been a fan of the transposition of letters in stars' names as a meme for naming your band, but I'll make an exception for Day Ravies. The Sydney foursome have a handle on fizzy pop tunes that seem perched to explode into a cavalcade of 64 count crayons melting on the sidewalk. They have an innocence that seems lost, rooted in the fuzzing 90's tropes that stretch from Yo La Tengo to Sterolab ladled under a ton of feedback, but any way you frame it, the band seem to have a handle on that blissed and blasted sound. The video is a belated take from their recently released 7" on Beko but just in case that only whets your appetite, they've got a cassette EP out for Australia's Strange Pursuits label as well. Both are a jump up from their pretty decent debut LP from 2013, a release that got us clued on the name and wanting a bit more. Seems like the next logical step would be a new LP, but for now these tidbits will have to tide us over.


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