Daniel Bachman

Within the critical confines of fingerpicked guitar, Daniel Bachman carries considerable heft, and though his name might not surface so often outside the current of fans of the style, his latest might just change that. Three Lobed, always a name that seems synonymous with adventurous choices, are issuing Bachman's latest album, River, and album that rambles, twists and slides on a slick of oil that feels rooted in the Southern Gothic and dustbowl aesthetics long since forgone by modern society. Opening with a 14+ minute volley of strings, the record doesn't bow in quality and over the course of the next 43 minutes and it never relents on that initial promise of expansive vistas. The title is apt, with many of the songs reveling in a sort of wide open space, rippling notes like the eddies and peaks of a running stream. There's something like a blast of cold air that hits in the middle of the record and its hard to deny that the spring lends itself well to fingerpicked guitar. Those with the works of Sir Richard Bishop, Fahey, Jack Rose and Chasney in their veins would be wise to bend their ear to Bachman's latest opus.


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