Broken Water

Broken Water are no strangers around these parts, but its been far too long since Tempest hit us like a velvet hammer. Jumping back to their roots at Night People after a jaunt to Hardly Art, the band are pummeling harder than ever, digging up the bones in Sonic Youth's backyard and gnawing on them til they bleed white hot magenta. The record is smudged and smeared with the handprints of 1994, tough-skinned guitars and shoegaze grind, but while it certainly brings sense memories of the Clinton Administration, its not just retreading through the murk of grunge. The Olympia band reigns in a clarity to their soft/heavy sound here, bringing on Steve Fisk (Nirvana, Beat Happening) to sharpen the claws of Wrought to a fine point. They feel indebted to the past but ready to beat it into submission with static and garote it with a guitar string. The album is a high point in their catalog, taking the excitement of Whet and giving it a bigger field to play in. A perfect record to get lost in your headphones on a moonless night.


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