Pink Section - Pink Section
There are still plenty of gems to be found in the debris of post-punk and if anyone was going to sift through the rubble and find the gold, its Superior Viaduct. The label's been shining a necessary light on band's that have often
held reverence longer than their records were ever in print and San Francisco's twitchy art-punk Pink Section are as deserving as any of this retrospective. The band, named after the pink newsprint in the SF Chronicle's Arts and Entertainment section, were art school friends who rode the line of discordant punk and new wave weirdness finding plenty of common ground with early DEVO or MX80 in their absolute disregard for pop's conventions. That's not to say there isn't anything catchy in Pink Section, there's an undercurrent of body shaking rhythm bubbling beneath their harsh aesthetics and dadaist lyricism. The band also contained members of Inflatable Boy Clams, which the band evolved into after some time. SV has also issued their scant catalog this month. This may not be the soundtrack to your next party (though who am I to judge how you party) but there's fun to be had listening to the band throw sonic paint against a wall in wildly evolving colors.


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