Moon Ate The Dark

An uncommon duo to be sure, Moon Ate The Dark combines the solo piano of Welsh pianist Anna Rose Carter with the nudging, atmospheric production of Christopher Brett Bailey. The latter works in a more painterly approach to bring the depth of the piano through on these compositions, utilizing mic placement and atonal embellishment to frame Carter's compositions in a shadowy well of halftone greys. The songs remain cinematic, as most driving piano seems to lean, but oddly solitary in its execution. The songs feel like a singular traveler's journey filmed in sweeping montage using repetition to wear down on the listener like the weight of a day. Bailey's contributions remain subtle but that's often what makes them so effective, twists of the knife to force home Carter's rain streaked runs. In the realm of modern composition, there are many that strive for a balance of skill and singularity and with their eponymous release, Moon Ate The Dark achieve that tightrope walk quite nicely.


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