JÜ with Kjetil Møster

There have been a couple of good crossovers between the jazz and rock worlds of late. The recent record by Hedvig Mollestad Trio comes to mind, La Piramide di Sangue, John Dwyer's delve into jazz with Sword & Sandals; but Hungarian trio JÜ have hit on an incredibly solid connection in their team-up with Norwegian saxophonist Kjetil Møster. The record hurtles opens a dialog between Møster's fluid sax lines and guitarist Àdàm Mészáros' histrionic leads. And though both of those parties trade parries and jabs, the secret weapon here is the rhythm section that keeps time like a jackhammer. The record plays with space, allowing the sax to breathe rings of smoke into desolate cold rooms, rooms that more often than not are immediately decimated by a barrage of noise and heat from the members of JÜ. The two parties work in blacks and greys, painting a bleak and hard cragged picture of urban decay, then delighting in the destruction of those crumbling forms. Sadly I'd not heard from either party independently but JÜ Meets Møster is more than enough reason to send you hurtling for the back catalog.


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