Eternal Tapestry

With a long storied discography that's wound them through ozone shred territory, languid psychedelia and collaborations with the likes of Sun Araw and Gnod, its hard to see how this band could venture further into the void. On Wild Strawberries, not only do Eternal Tapestry lay down a defining statement for themselves, but they build a monstrous feat of psychedelic absorption in the process. The double album is anchored by four extended workouts, aided and abetted by the band's improv heavy recording sessions in the remote Oregon woods, each of which pushes the vortex of hallucinogenic froth further towards the edges that the band have previously explored. From the sweat lodge mantras of opener "Mountain Primrose," to the Hawkwind space rituals of the title track, the album cracks open the skull and lets the listener's consciousness dance on curls of smoke and psilocybin. The wooded surroundings seem a particularly perfect environ for this album to have hatched; there's a cool, mossy feeling to the record, dosed out in languid drips of guitar that seep from Ned Bindeman's fingers in azure pools of sonic steam. The band has never been one to shy away from heady waters, but here they're immersed, infused and inoculated with the very soul of pscych and it’s well worth taking the trip with them. Certainly their best, and most complete work to date.


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