Carlton Melton / Mind Mountain Split 7"
God Unknown's recent series of split 7"s have grabbed some great psych talent, ranging from Oneida to Acid Mother's Temple to Gnod and Eternal Tapestry. Good stock to be sure in a series that's centered on
mind expanding psych, but they're also helping to shed some light on a few new names in our book as well. The Oneida split features UK heavies Teeth of the Sea and the latest pairs Carlton Melton up with Liverpool's Mind Mountain. Melton, I've always been able to see the appeal, but never really jumped out of my skin to get at, but on the flip, Mind Mountain steal the show and definitely beg for more material from them soon. Heavy blasts of heat blasted guitar melted into prog-minded organ that builds to a ferocious wall of sound by the end of the track. A face melter here and one that I'd hope speaks to more to come soon.


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