Twerps have made the move in the US to Merge but in our hearts they remain steadfastly a Chapter Music band making good. Their sophomore LP locks into the sun-blistered crook of the Go-Betweens' heartbroken pop mixed with a touch of the Flying Nun jangle that brought them up. The general demeanor of Range Anxiety is smoothed over from their debut, buttressing against the new-found confidence of their spanner release, the Underlay EP, for an altogether catchier, soft focus pop record that seems built for late 80's montages and mixtapes made for junior high crushes. Not to label them juvenile, of course, its just that Twerps' music possesses such a breezy innocence and emotional punch that it seems cleanly lodged into that tumultuous time of life, exemplified by deep, unflagging attachment to pop music as the only outlet and explanation for the kind of overwhelming drama of everyday as a thirteen year old. Though, to be fair, this will probably hit the college crowd harder than the co-eds at a middle school dance but one would hope that somewhere there's a kid finding solace in the wide-eyed, refreshing pop on Range Anxiety. A clean record, that hits like a blast of cold autumn air each time the needle swings back to the top; its difficult not to fall hard for Twerps' charms, and as a strident admirer of South Hemi heavies for some time, its great to see others finally coming to their senses on the matter.


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