The Modernettes - Teen City
Decades on, light still seems to be creeping in on the prowess of Canada's punk scene. Never as celebrated as their US or UK cousins, the country kicked out such heartily under-appreciated acts as Teenage Head, DOA and The Diodes, and now finally, one of
Canada's great native bands The Modernettes are seeing their Teen City EP reissued as a 30th anniversary edition. The EP cracks open with their most enduring track "Barbara," a Ramones-tinged take on want and love and spills over into five additional firecracker punk tracks that stand as pretty strong arguments for the enduring nature of Canuck punk. This, their sophomore EP led to an eventual record, Get It Straight, but despite the strong reaction to Teen City, success would always elude the band. They'd dissolve shortly after the release of the album but always remain a strident part of Canada's punk past.


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