Sir Richard Bishop

The story behind Tangier Sessions is compelling, a tale of Bishop's falling in love with a seemingly unattainable ancient guitar, finally succumbing to its lure and taking the instrument from Spain to Tangier where he recorded an album of beautifully mournful songs. But even without the subtext, Tangier Sessions is Bishop locked into his emotive best, stripping away his more experimental impulses to get to the core of the fingerpicked soul that he's so incredibly talented at divining. The songs drip with a sadness that feels as if Bishop discovered it in the wood of that old instrument. The songs shift from driving to languorous but always with the amalgam of Middle Eastern flair and Flamenco drive that have become hallmarks of Bishop's best work. In the past few years Bishop's been chasing eddies that speak more to his Sun City Girls roots, but this returns him to the thrust of Polytheistic Fragments and The Freak of Araby. Its good to have him back, few can ever take his place.


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