Robert Robinson

Sore Eros bandleader Robert Robinson's struck out with a solo venture that nestles nicely into the valley of dreamy psychedelic pop that fans of SE will find immediately inviting. Solo, but never alone on Connecticut River, Robinson is joined by a deep bench of collaborators from Sam Gas Can, Murph and John Moloney to previous partner in crime Gary War. Like War, Robinson has a deft understanding of stripping pop to its core and shaking vigorously. The album staggers from bleary psychedelics to hard candy glam, sweet tinged folk to bluegrass as viewed through warped coke-bottle lenses. It’s an amalgam that sounds chaotic on paper but Robinson makes it feel like transitions in a vast dream. The ideas never seem jumbled; rather they melt, drip and dissipate into one another for a record that solidifies Robinson's reputation of never taking the safe path.


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