Moon Duo

Oh shit its good to have Moon Duo back on our side once again. The duo, now confusing the name by expanding to a trio, has found a dance core in the molten wilderness of fuzz that serves as their wellspring. With the addition of John Jeffrey on drums as a relentless engine of rhythm, the group now chugs with an incessant fervor. There's still a fog of hydroponic hypnosis and gnarled exhaust pipe blowback that wafts around the ankles of every track but now it seems that the feet can't help but dance in frantic precision. But even an injection of shake 'n shimmy can't dull the edge of Ripley Johnson's razor wire guitar attacks. When the man cuts, he cuts to the bone, leaving just enough room for Sanae to filter in toxic vapor vibes on the synth. Johnson's vocals pour in slow like steam from a grate, drifting heavenward with a slow and methodical pulse. Everything on Shadow of the Sun seems to belie that title, feeling primed for nighttime spins, a 3 AM soundtrack with no sun in sight. Though if anything's the same, it’s that midnight run feeling and once again they nail it. Clear some space in your late night listening schedule.


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