Max Frost & The Troopers - The Shape of Things To Come
Its interesting to think of the origins of Max Frost when their psych-pop hit is selling sundries in Target commercials these days. The band is actually a figment, existing in the movie Wild In The Streets. In the movie Max Frost
and his Troopers are high-schoolers fighting for the right to vote, rallying< to legally lower the US age to fourteen. In the end they win out, Max is elected president and his questionable first action is to make 30 the mandatory retirement age lock everyone over 35 into concentration camps and force feed them LSD. The actual music was actually played by a band called The 13th Power, but due to the popularity of the film, the songs are always credited to Max Frost & The Troopers. In the movie, Christopher Jones plays the enigmatic Max and notably, a young Richard Pryor plays the band's drummer, Stanley X. The Austrian psych label Captain High has reissued the entirety of the album along with a host of previously unissued bonus tracks. This marks the first time the whole soundtrack of the movie has appeared in one place, including the Troopers' rallying anthem, "Fourteen or Fight," used extensively in the movie to push their movement. The whole album pales a bit in comparison to the Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil penned title track but its packed with plenty of breezy psych pop that's a fitting picture of the time and honestly on par with several, non-fictional nugget bearing groups of the era.


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