Cravinkel - Cravinkel
German prog/folk act Cravinkel eschew some of the usual Krautrock traditions, hewing closer to a few UK prog acts of the era, most notably Spooky Tooth, who they spent some time opening for. The band mixes heavy guitar, country-folk touches and a good dose
of psychedelic splatter into an album that, while celebrated in its own country, has seen little US impact. The band moved to Hamburg and signed to Phillips for their eponymous first album, parlaying that momentum into some key EU opening spots and a slot at the Love and Peace Festival. The latter was conceived as a European answer to Woodstock, and well known as Jimi Hendrix's last live appearance. The band held together for a follow-up album in 1971, Garden of Loneliness, which expanded on their live penchant for freeform jam and is therefore a bit less structured than the debut. In '72 the band's house burned, along with most of their belongings and instruments. They would never recover from the blow and the band dissipated shortly after. Notably bandleader Gert Krawinkel would go on to play in German new wave band Trio (of DaDaDa fame). Thankfully that doesn't remain his legacy and now Longhair has issued both albums back on vinyl, though it seems only in Europe (get on that Forced Exposure). If you're looking for long lost prog and don't mind the import fees, its worth tracking down.


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