Anthroprophh have waded through the fringes of psych, burning ozone with the best for some time now. They count amongst their ranks ex-Heads guitarist Paul Allen along with Big Naturals' Jesse Webb and Gareth Turner, not a bad litany of old haunts for a band looking to torch the fringes of psychedelic noise. Taking for inspiration a series of unconfirmed UK extraterrestrial sightings, UFO mines broken transmissions and barotraumatic swells of guitar for a wholly disorienting and ragged bit of amplifier blowback. The album is dowsed in the darkest blacks, cut through with cigarette burns of distortion and noise that scald hot, quick and without mercy. When Allen's guitar isn't drawing the ear, the ambiance turns just as menacing in its absence, squalling with droned feedback and eerie calls from beyond the pale. Truly the band are using their other worldly inspirations well, the album feels beamed in from across an expanse of cold and inhuman reaches. Previously issued on tape for Zamzam in the UK, the record finds a welcome home with the new-found partnership of Cardinal Fuzz/Captcha and is given a fitting issue to vinyl. Psych fiends would do well to put this on their lists.


Support the artist. Buy it: HERE (UK) HERE (US)
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