Few have tumbled so headlong into the soundtrack without a movie vibe as Voyag3r (read Voyager Three). The Detroit ensemble rip creepy synth vibes right out of John Carpenter's hands and inject them with a harder edge and just a touch of metal's growl. Its been done elsewhere (Oneohtrix, Espectrostatic and Umberto all rocking some Carpenter nods over the years) but somehow just not with as much heart as Voyag3r throw into the mix. The room practically fills with fog from the moment that the needle hits the groove. They have the beats, the timing and the inherit suspense that Carpenter brought to his soundtracks. From the moment the LP cracks there's a lump in your throat and an urgent need to get to clearer air, throw in a pitch perfect design aesthetic and its easy to see why even aficionados like Death Waltz have this one up in their distro'd titles. It may be just past the Halloween hour but there's no reason that the power and anxiety of Voyag3r can't soundtrack November as well.


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