Austin duo Sungod's latest entry to the psychedelic canon merges pastoral touches with a cosmic expanse that cracks open your brain like the dome on a planetarium. Mixing synth swirls that launch from headphone to headphone with the lilting flute work of Kristine Reaume, the album eases in with deep, dark pools of languid kosmiche bookended by lonesome blues that fight the equal holds of Earth's Hex period and Brightblack Morning Light (an influence that more should be digging into for sure). The band comes in with high cred, recording not only here for Holodeck but also for Expo 70's pet label Sonic Mediations, and though they've had some high promise in past releases this eponymous LP proves they've hit a new peak. Light and dark transitions work as a sort of theme on the album, tension and release, driving intensity and serene closure all fighting for the same air. Ultimately this plays out like a forgotten Krautrock gem lost to cruel fates and just now surfacing for a new round of collector fueled adulation. Thankfully it’s not forgotten to time but limited as Holodeck releases remain, it’s still worthwhile to jump faster than hesitate. The good ones don't always lock this hard or feel as instantly classic.


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