Skull Defekts

There are few instances of The Skull Defekts caressing the listener. There are plenty in which they cajole, shove, scar and sear; but rarely do they play nice when it comes to their sonic oeuvre. Straying from longtime home Thrill Jockey for the discordant Diagonal imprint, they don't pull back on their early threats. Street Metal opens slashing with humid, tribal minimalism and only gets more jagged from there. Drawing unease like strength, the album stalks through five tacks of blood dripped psych, ritualistic dub and bone stripped synth punk, bending each genre to black tar and smearing each over the next. Plenty of bands take up the psych mantle but few know how to truly bring pain and fear to the fold, few know how to actually disorient to the point of panic and even fewer still have Daniel Higgs in their ranks doing whatever falls under the mantle of "ghost catcher". But whatever the band is doing, they're doing right, teaching some newcomers that, if you haven't actually cut a notch in the devil's horn, perhaps you should just sit back and watch the show and take notes.


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