Nude Beach

Nude Beach's last album caught our hearts with an apparent love for rock swagger that cut the lines between The Replacements and Tom Petty, with just enough room for the nascent beginnings of power pop to creep in at the edges. The band has come back with grand expectations for their latest, a double LP for Jersey stronghold Don Giovanni. The album has a lot of the same thumbprints smudging its sleeve but they've widened the lens and let in the tide pool swell of tempos, acoustic touches and a fine studio makeover. The album is grand but never bloated; rather it spins the dial through the best moments of college and classic rock territory to feel immediately familiar, like a beat up jacket that still fits from high school. They never really cut any new ground but they seem to be covering the sidewalks you know so well that it only helps to smile and plan an hour long drive that lets the speakers blare and the riffs build up.


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