Goner's picking up more Memphis homegrown fodder with the release of Nots debut LP. Grit-caked and low slung, its a bite-ridden record that shakes at the tree of synth-punk. The band, now expanded to a foursome with the addition of Madison Farmer on bass and Alexandra Eastburn on synthesizer, burns through the jungle of vitriol with a dedication that's admirable. The synth warbles add that perfect touch of quease to the mix, driving through your veins like a sugar sick hangover and burning it all clean with pounding pulse of bass in your temples. Running the gamut from impudent yowl to ferocious pummel Natalie Hoffmann's vocals pack more punch than many similarly minded contemporaries and you can feel the wounds, scars and claw scratched fire in every syllable. Seems that the garage underground has gotten very crowded of late, and its hard to find the gold in the silt but then something like We Are Nots comes along and reminds you that its still worth getting your hands dirty lookin'.


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