Always good to see Tape back in the mix and on their sixth album proper, the Swedish stalwarts are still walking the line between creeping minimalism and their own cracked pop lens. Their songs are earthen, filling rooms with the faint whiffs of concrete, moss and oncoming rain. The band tends to lend themselves to the introvert, soundtracks of quite reflection, even isolation at times. In that vein Casino is hung with a cautious sadness, and while the same sighs have filled other releases by Tape, they are never dour, just a little exasperated at the constant cloud cover. With the various offshoots of its members, it’s a wonder they find time to all be in the same room, let alone to craft with as much heft as they have on this album. Nothing here is as explosive as some of the other collaborations that members have found time for but in a way it’s their patience for quietude that packs the strongest punch. Highly recommended for the oncoming chill.


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