Propeller - Let Us Live Together
Formed by Achim Reichel, longtime RSTB fave from AR & Machines and all around Krautrock hero. Here he pairs with fellow members of The Rattles and Wonderland and a few guests from Lucifer's Friend for a band that skews more to the heavy / glam axis. The
repetitive elements that show up in his landmark works are all but a whisper here but the record has a huge sound and a very early 70's thumbprint that's apparent in the heavy blues riffs, soft psych touches and rootsy breakdowns. Truth be told, nothing about this album feels like it was formed by German players at the time, its more indebted to the UK swath of rock that was rolling through at the same time. Oddly his own Die grĂ¼ne Reise (The green journey) was released in the same year, so it seems he was splitting personalities with his experimental and pop sides. Alas, the band would make only one album as Propeller before disbanding but Reichel would go on for many years as a solo artist.


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