Hundred Visions

Austin's had plenty of heat as a garage rock breeding ground and the latest gem from the city of 1000 shows is Hundred Visions. The band's blending SF garage-punk along the Segall / Cronin axis with a touch of pop in the vein of Green Day in their less opulent days. The result, their sophomore LP SPITE is a thick-veined, rubber-necked blast of Texan heat that lodges Acme safe sized hooks in between Oh Sees worthy whoops and guitar frazzle. Its hard to escape the Dwyer umbrella these days as a garage punk band with any exuberance, but to be fair they don't spend the whole record in that shade. Taking it down for a few slow moments that pluck at our 90's pop hearts, the mid section of the album shows they've got more than just rabble in their tank. A solid sender from the Southern line and well worth a few spins on the table for sure.


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