Ever since those early singles we've been following this Aussie trio and its good to see them finally grow into their own on an album that delivers well on those budding expectations. Versed in 90's Elastica riffs, Dum Dum Girls moves and tearing through a pixie stix punk ethos the album actually ends up equal parts sunshine days and heart hung lonesome odes that delve further into the pop well than the band has ventured previously. Naturally its good to see them stretch, but its hard to hold back the pogo when the band cracks open the fizz and lets loose on those wild, hair shaking moments that feel just right to hairbrush sing the morning away. With some crisp production and a eye on the widescreen, Work It Out full realizes the shading that they'd hinted at on their previous EP and it remains a perfect addition to some early Fall playlists, squeezing the sugar rush bounce of "Want It" or the doleful pining of "College" between Beach Day and Jenny Lewis for a perfect segue.


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